Monday, October 19, 2009

[Part 3 Drama]

As usual, EtHos! will be assisting the Part 3, our beloved juniors, for their Drama Staging. We will be helping out with the lighting and sounds.

So, we need more hands that are interested and willing to help. It's going to be a fruitful experience because you will learn on how to manage the stage and indirectly have fun watching the performances.

We're working on the certificates for those who want to volunteer.

I assure you will be left in awe after watching their shows. They have put a lot of efforts in their performances and lets us do our job by joining and supporting them.

Even if you are hesitant to join, you can just come over and watch the shows. It's worth your time.

Venue : Intec Great Hall
Date : 31st of Oct and 1st of Nov 2009
Time : 8.00 pm onwards.

The Performances (in random order)

1. Hang Tuah and Tun Teja

2.Bawang Kecil and Bawang Besar

3.The Adaptation of Dayang Senandung


5.Ali Baba and a few Thieves

6.Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Di julang

The dates of the show may be a tad late as most students are preparing for the crucial final exam but lets look it at the bright side.

Lets just go have fun and forget about the final exam for just two days because we're sure that you guys are stressing up on the exam. So do we. So this is like a treat before you guys gear up and plunge your head on studying.

Those who are interested to join and help during the show can respectively call these names :

Moja 0176701189
Acad 0179823272
Chip 0149697298

See you there people!

Lets rock the great hall!!

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